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International Symposium on Life Mechatronics 2023 in Phnom Penh is held on March 5-8, 2023. Committee of Life Mechatronics Symposium (LMS), and Perceptual Information on C-branch (CPI) in the institute of electrical engineers of Japan (IEEJ) would like to hold a symposium with Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). This event aims to promote international and cultural exchange through research and to contribute to building friendship between the ITC and Japanese researchers and students. During the symposium, various research frameworks will be shared, and the results of research activities currently being carried out by the LMS, and ITC LBE teams will be reported in order to promote research collaboration and educational development among the participants.



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Agenda of LMS2023 (final version)

Please download PDF file.

Today's zoom address is different from yesterday's one.

Call for papers (first version)

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CFP for LMS2023-v2.pdf

Information (in Japanese)



5-8 March 2023
Venue: Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Committee of Life Mechatronics Symposium (LMS)
Perceptual Information on C-branch (CPI) in the institute of electrical engineers of Japan (IEEJ)
Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC)
JICA LBE project


Social Design / Media Art / Entertainment / Smart Agriculture / Hydroponic / Optics and Imaging / Sensing / Smart System / Telecommunication and Networking / AI / VR / AR / MR / XR / Environment Design / SDGs / All Mechatronics

Schedule of call for papers

Abstract or Proceeding submission: Feb. 1, 2023 --> Feb. 20(extended)
Authors can select one below.
- Abstract (400 words) [Template]
- Extended summary (1 or 2 pages) [Template]
- Full paper (more than 4 pages) (review)
Accepted notification: Feb. 15-25, 2023.

Abstract submission (Registration)

If you have a presentation, at first, please send the following items by e-mail to info[@]lifemechatronics.com before Feb. 7.
- Title
- Authors name(s) and affiliation(s)
- Short abstract (two or three lines)

After sending it, please prepare your Abstract, Extended summary, or Full paper mentioned above.
If you will not have any presentation, please send your name and affiliations to the above e-mail address before Feb. 7.

Registration and other fees:

Registration fee: Free for all participants
Registration fee: 100 USD (including a booklet of proceedings)(optional)
Proceedings: 100 USD / one booklet
Reception: Actual cost
(Booklet of proceeding is provided as PDF)

Online registration was closed. Please come to the registration desk on-site.

Agenda plan

March 5, Sunday
- Registration, Welcome meeting
March 6, Monday (1st day)
- Symposium & discussion (LBE project, others)
- Event (arts, technical, science workshop, ...)
- ITC laboratories tour
- Reception party
March 7, Tuesday (2nd day)
- Symposium & discussion (Mechatronics and others)
- Student workshop, group work, team building (Make friend session for students)
- Field trip / company visit (farm, factory, cooperation companies, ...)
- Event (arts, technical, science workshop, ...)
March 8, Wednesday (3rd day)
- LBE project committee meeting

March 9-10 (additional event)
- We will arrange a workshop, meeting, visiting... for ITC and Japanese students to make friendship and collaboration between students.

Call for supporters

If you can support us, please select one and e-mail us. info[@]lifemechatronics.com
Your financial supports will be used for operations of this symposium and the future activities of LMS effectively. All of us appreciate your great supports.
- Friendly supporter: (as you like) *
- Silver supporter: (500 USD) *
- Gold supporter: (1,000 USD) **
- Special supporter: (more than 2,000 USD) ***

*We put 1page introduction of your company to the web page and proceedings.
**Additionally, we will invite you to the reception party, and we will provide an opportunity for you to have speech at the party.
***Additionally, we will provide you something special.

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